1994 Heritage CV Carb

I have a 1994 Heritage Softail 1340 and it idles fine but has no midrange. I had to turn the idle screw up to get it to move. What can I do to fix this? I did replace intake boots and gaskets. Thanks Paul


Hi Paul,

Just going by the age I would take a good look at the vacuum slide. It sounds like it is not moving in the slide path. Also, I have seen the accelerator pump dig itself a notch in the linkage arm and only open half way. There are many of these carbs available at swap meets and on EBay. Buy a cheap one check it and bolt it on and see how it works. Try to stay with the CV as it is a good friendly working carb. Always check jets for clogging, buy a new main and slow jet, same size and put them in try them out. More info is available on the Bolt-On DVDs.  Wrench Safe, FMH