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Lowering an XL

I want to lower my 1980 Sportster do to have any ideals. I did lower the shocks already. Via Email We would suggest a Progressive fork spring kit. You can add a 1″ spring (supplied in kit) beneath your damper valve to lower one inch. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check…

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Left Fork Tube Assembly

With the left and right fork tube assemblies completely disassembled, Bob has thoroughly cleaned anything that will be reused and is ready to begin reassembly. The fork tubes will be reassembled using Performance Machine lower sliders, Progressive Suspension monotube fork cartridge kit, and James Gasket 49mm seal kit. Left and right sides will be assembled…

How to Fill Fork Oil on Your Harley Ultra

The Harley Davidson service manual is very specific about achieving correct fork oil capacity. The steps to perform this service are detailed yet simple, as Bob and Mark demonstrate in this video on how to fill fork oil on your Harley Ultra. Fill It With the 49mm fork tube fully extended; pour, slightly more than,…

Progressive Monotube Front Suspension

Thanks to Progressive Suspension, high performance front suspension is now finally available for 2014 and newer Harley Davidson touring models. The Progressive monotube has combined ride smoothing Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) damper with a progressive rate spring to create a state of the art fork cartridge assembly for the late model Harley Davidson Baggers. The…

Draining Harley Fork Tubes

In this video, Bob walks you through the complete disassembly of the Harley fork tubes on a 2014 Street Glide. There are a few specialty tools needed in order to service this fork assembly. You will need a 12mm allen, a 19mm allen, a fork tube holder (Jims Tools is probably your best bet), and…
Harley Fork Oil

Draining Harley Fork Oil

Changing Harley fork oil on the Ultra is time consuming and detailed. This does not mean that it is not for the weekend mechanic. Here’s How Begin by removing the fork tube cap from the top of the 49mm fork tube. If you are working alone, you can either use a fork tube holder, or…
Progressive Suspension Monotube Cartridge Assembly

Progressive Suspension Monotube Cartridge Assembly

Bob and Mark have performed some of the same procedures as the left side fork on the right side 49mm fork tube. The fork has been completely disassembled and cleaned. The OEM parts that will not be used have been accounted for and set aside. The fork tube has been reinstalled into the Performance Machine…

Springer Rebuild

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Harley Front Forks

Harley Front Forks Removal

In this video Bob gives us a clear view of Harley front forks removal on the Rushmore Twin Cam 103 Ultra. It is unnecessary to remove your ignition switch knob and the rear dash panel but Bob takes the time to remove these items for a good, clear view of the area for demonstration. Ignition…