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HD Spark Plugs Service

In this video, Bob walks us through spark plug replacement. It is a fairly quick and easy service point but it is not a task that should be taken lightly. 7 minutes


Draining an Evo’s Vacuum Operated Harley Fuel Valve

In this video, Bob gives us a quick overview of the Harley Davidson vacuum fuel valve. Fuel valves are found, only, on carbureted Harley Davidson models. 4 minutes


Motorcycle Starter Problems & Testing Tips

Have you ever jumped on your Harley and heard click, click, click? Let’s take a look at one quick fix, not solution, to get you back on the road. 4 minutes


Brake Bleeding Tools Make It Easy

In this video, Bob and Mark show a couple of techniques on fretting the air out of the system so you have a strong brake lever.
8 minutes


Harley Transmission Oil Change

In this video, Bob and Mark teach you how to replace the fluids on your Softail by cleaning the drain plugs, refilling the primary, updating the Harley’s O-rings, refilling the oil and replacing the tranny plug.
4 minutes