Check Engine Light

Q: I have an 07 Ultra Classic with just over seven thousand miles….not a typo…7K…the original owner never road it. I put about 150 miles on it and then pulled the fairing off to replace the stock mirrors with fairing mounted type …..and now the “check engine light” and charging light both light up about a minute after starting the bike. The bike had the stock battery from 2007 in it which I replaced with a new one. Problem still exists. Looked at the battery and realized I had forgotten to tighten the small bolts on the battery posts. After tighting them, the lights are still coming on. Switched out battery with another new battery…no help. I didn’t pull the maxi fuse when I removed the outer fairing like the instructions say to do. All the fuses are good….I’m thinking that the stator is bad but with so few miles, makes me wonder if that’s a good assessment. I DID NOT drill through any wiring installing the mirrors. Any ideas….? Thanks

A: Would be disappointing to have a charging system problem with so few miles. Regardless, that is where we would suggest you start. Test your charging system. Also, check your speedo head for stored diagnostic trouble codes.

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25 Responses to “Check Engine Light”
  1. Mark

    Try reading your codes and write them don if trouble.
    Hold your trip odometer button and turn on. Let go of button and you will enter. Look at trip odometer. Push 1 time and the p will flash. Push and hold to go into p. A code will show up. Write it down. Then push and hold to clear it. More than 1 code maybe there. Clear the same way. When done turn off ignswitch and give it a try.


    while cruzin up the road on 2013 ultra limited I noticed my battery lite and check engine lite on and my volt meter reading 12 volts about a mile up the road they both went out when I got home I checked all my connections to find them tight. the battery is less then a year old I took it out the next day with no problem, going to leesburg fl soon should I be coserned?

  3. Jerry

    I have a 2014 street glide and my check engine light stays on. The diagnostic trouble code indicates P1655 ACR solenoid low/open. What is that and is this an easy fix?

  4. Gary

    Ok I have an 08 electra glide..Engine light came on..4 codes came up,,P0154,P1353,P1510,P2138..What would cause these all at once ??

  5. Corey locklear
    Corey locklear

    Got a new 2018 street glide spacial and the engine light is staying on any ideas

  6. LEO

    I’m having a similar issue with my 2015 Road King, check engine light comes on, I get P1510, P2127 & P2138 codes which seem to indicate there’s an issue with the throttle sensors? Stealership wants $125.00 just to diagnose, plus any other additives…has anyone had a similar issue?

  7. 1uniform32

    I have a 2014 Ultra Limited. The check engine and temp lights come on after a few miles. I checked the codes and got codes P1019 and U0184. I also checked the fans come one when I test them but when needed. I changed the temp sensors in the head and radiator in the left lower fairing. The U0184 code went away but the light still comes on and I still get code P1019.

  8. Joe

    Check engine light came on , long with the battery light? Check oil level. Charged battery. Lights went off but came back on. I have a 2007 Sportster 1200 C. Thank you in advance Joe

  9. Luis

    Ticket 20721 My motorcycle is a 07 roadking classic. The check engine and battery light come on. The motorcycle run good. The norsp come on the first p in the diagnostic check. The battery is new and spark plugs. I need help.

  10. David

    Why would a check engine light come on and stay on with my softail in off position? Light stays on all time

  11. marty hutchinson
    marty hutchinson

    I have a 2014 softail deluxe. I recently installed an easy clutch onto the end of my cable. to do this I had to take off the exhaust system and the o2 sensors. when I was done all went back together perfect. but now I have 2 codes for my 02 sensors p00031 and p00051. what caused this and how do I fix it. thanks.

  12. Gerardo

    I got on early august, i had return the bike to dealership 5 times for check engine light, they said i should care rpm and Steps …

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  13. Ronald Robertson
    Ronald Robertson

    where do I find what these codes are. I am sorry I bought this Twin cam it is designed so you can’t do your own work. I love my 72 FLH it is just a big lawn mower and easy to work on.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Ronald, Great question! To answer your question we’ll need to know the make and model of your bike. Please respond back to us here and we’ll be happy to submit that!
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  14. Chris Albright
    Chris Albright

    I have a 2008 Ultra Cvo, 3000 original miles. Coming back from a trip, lost front cylinder. Got it home replace plugs and plug wires and put new injectors in. Everything in the tank was replace by Harley after the bike had been sitting so long. Error codes were P0131, P0151,P0502,P1353,P1356. C0562. Now the codes I am getting are P0263,P1356, B1005. Any advice would be appreciated.