15 Tips That’ll Transform the Way You Travel When Motorcycling

By Sturgis Riders News Blog

Being well prepared for a motorcycle trip can turn a bad trip good and a good trip great. But learning all the tips and tricks to save time, stay organized and have the most fun on the road often takes years of trial and error to figure out. Luckily you don’t have to wait years to have these “aha moments.” Revolutionize the way you ride by checking out these 15 insider motorcycle touring tips from staffers at the American Motorcyclist Association.

1. Eat at weird times.

Everyone and their dog eats around 8 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. So if you want to get in and out of restaurants quickly, plan ahead so you’re not hungry at those times.

2. Carry a spare key.

Harley Fork Lock
Hide your spare somewhere on your bike using a zip-tie or duct tape, or trade keys with a traveling companion

3. Keep your stuff dry in saddlebags by using trash compactor bags.

Saddlemen Saddlebags Installation | Fix My Hog

These DIY waterproof barriers are thicker and more durable than the standard garbage bags a lot of bikers use.

4. Set yourself up for a quick getaway.

If you’re nearing the end of your riding day, you can set yourself up for a quick getaway in the morning by riding to the far side of the next city you reach before stopping. This will eliminate time lost in urban traffic the next morning.

5. Carry a backpack hydration system.

Take a tip from off-road riders. This must for arid weather lets you easily drink while you ride. For more gear suggestions check out the Sturgis Rider News article 10 Essential Pieces of Gear You Shouldn’t Ride Without.

6. Use the envelope system to stay organized.

Going on a long, complex trip? Before you leave, prepare one envelope for each day on the road. Mark the outside of each envelope with dates and locations, then stuff them with things like hotel reservation info and lists of things you’d like to see. Instead of juggling your entire stack of literature to find the information you’re looking for, you can just open up that day’s envelope.

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24 Responses to “15 Tips That’ll Transform the Way You Travel When Motorcycling”
  1. Stacy

    Take extra batteries for you fob and tire repair kit. Have a paper or first aid form, listing all mess you take, doctors names, and family contacts. Put the list somewhere easy to find in conspicuously placed in the bike.

  2. C

    If you put your wallet or purse in the saddle bag, carry a card, I use an expired license, in a coat pocket with emergency contact information. This is the first place checked in an emergency. Saddle bags are only opened as a last resort.

    • Nobby

      In uk we have the green dot on lower right of helmet signifies a card in lining of helmet with ICE info on it inc medical.

  3. N4Sir

    On those older bikes, carry wire ties, wire, connectors, spark plugs, tubing, tape, and any other small parts for road side repairs. Nothing worse than a burned wire in the middle of nowhere.

  4. John Dyer
    John Dyer

    Reference the photo under tip #2
    “Carry a spare key” Does anyone know where I can get the magnetic key holder he is holding? Great idea to carry a spare key.

    • Mike

      Wouldn’t trust a magnetic key holder on a bike due to vibration issues. Also leaving a 2nd key &/ or fob with the bike makes it easier for thieves. The buddy system is something I abide by!

      • John Dyer
        John Dyer

        The magnetic key holders similar to the one pictured are made with “rare earth
        magnets which are amazingly powerful for their size.

    • Scott

      That does not look like a magnet key holder to me, it look like the insides (the shaft) of the fork lock. That is, after all, a picture from one of the “Fix My Hog” repair videos.

    • Dale Bronniman
      Dale Bronniman

      The top 10 things to ruin your ride and eliminate any possibility of fulfillment. You forgot cellphones and chargers and cords, the absolute #1 way to kill a mockingbird.

  5. john

    Did a 3 day ride, Ga. to Az.solo best ride eva, til I got to Texas, big arse state. met another rider with petrol info. NP on the way back.