1985 FXSB Clutch Hub Issue

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Nick is wondering: I have an ‘85 FXSB that was experiencing some clutch slip and so I’m in the process of trying to upgrade to the scorpion clutch. My problem is I cannot figure out how to get the OEM clutch hub separated from the basket. I’ve tried several times using a puller and it just doesn’t budge. Is there a trick to getting these two components apart?

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The clutch hub needs to be pressed out of the clutch hub bearing. The clutch hub bearing should also be replaced upon reassembly. Here is a video on a newer assembly.

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      Customer Service

      Hi Charles. If you are talking about pressure plate springs for a Barnett Scorpion clutch, the colors are Gold, Green, & Red.
      Gold is for the lightest spring pressure, Red is for highest spring pressure, Green is in-between.
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