1994 Heritage CV Carb

I have a 1994 Heritage Softail 1340 and it idles fine but has no midrange. I had to turn the idle screw up to get it to move. What can I do to fix this? I did replace intake boots and gaskets. Thanks Paul


Hi Paul,

Just going by the age of the 1994 Heritage CV Carb I would take a good look at the vacuum slide. It sounds like it is not moving in the slide path. Also, I have seen the accelerator pump dig itself a notch in the linkage arm and only open half way. There are many of these carbs available at swap meets and on EBay. Buy a cheap one check it and bolt it on and see how it works. Try to stay with the CV as it is a good friendly working carb. Always check jets for clogging, buy a new main and slow jet, same size and put them in try them out. More info is available on the Bolt-On DVDs.  Wrench Safe, FMH

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6 Responses to “1994 Heritage CV Carb”
  1. Denis Belokostolsky
    Denis Belokostolsky

    Hey Paul,

    Son has a 95 FATBOY that had the same problem, we ordered a Complete James gasket rebuild kit, went to Harley for
    a new slide, accelerator pump, intake manifold gaskets, jets and did the rebuild according to the “FIX-MY-Hog rebuilding video and now this EVO runs like a bat-out-of hell! Easy fix! Good luck and ride safe! FIX MY HOG is the best tool you can ever have!

    Denis B.

  2. Robby Van Houten Jr
    Robby Van Houten Jr

    I have a 2003 1200 custom sportster. I need a little refresher on changing the carb boots also what vacuum lines can I delete due to I changed the petcock


    I have that carburetor on a 94 hugger that I got in pieces. I can’t figure out where the vacuum hoses go. looks like 3 of them.