2007 1200 XL Low Speedo

Q: 2007 1200 XL LOW speedo light stays on. Sporty was riding in some down pours. Thought maybe if I took the cover off and disconnected the plug it would dry any moisture but stills stays on. Any thoughts.
Thanks Joe

A: Sorry to answer with a question: Is it the engine light on in the speedo?

A From Joe: If I hit the horn switch, it would go out. It happened once again I hit the horn and out it went. Stayed off for a month now with no issues. Talked to other Sporty owners who never had an issue but their bikes did not have security. Thinking that might be the issue. Also the heat down here kills batteries quick. I’ve had to change the fob battery more frequently since moving to Fl. The engine light is also there but doesn’t illuminate when the issue happens. Basic trouble shooting shows no codes.
Thanks for getting back

Hogger Feedback:

I had recently wrote you about my 2004 883C Engine light popping on and off. I found that a lose ground cable at battery was the problem. I tightened it and no more engine light. A little snooping saved me a lot of cash compared to the dealer cost. Maybe this will help someone else in the future! Jeff M.
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