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Question for Fix My Hog I would like to know what lube you used for pivot points that’s in the spray can and also what type of anti seize for the spark plugs and also what to lubricate clutch cable with please and do I need to adjust clutch pack at every service.

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Fix My Hog Answers We use Spectro Penetrating Lube and Loctite anti-seize. No. It is not nessacary to adjust the clutch pack at every service. Adjust at every major service, or whenever you change your primary fluid and are already in that area.

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13 Responses to “Adjust Clutch Pack”
  1. Bill

    I want replace the stanard clutch cable with a 40% let off style do you have any instruction availible

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Bill. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the make/year/model of your motorcycle?

  2. mike

    This is my first harley Davidson 2016 xl1200c sportsters’ what to do to quite the chain noises in the engine? And what the gear sport..thank you .mike

  3. Bruce

    I want to adjust the clutch on my 2011 street Glide but the engine has been modified to a 106 from a 96 and now has a dual clutch pack on it. I would like to know if the procedure for adjust this pack is different from the Harley standard specs. I have had it adjusted already about 6 months ago as there were a couple of issues after I bought the bike. I have ridden it very little but seem to have lost my free play and it is a little stiffer to pull in now even though I have had an easy pull installed by Harley.
    Any reccomendations would be appreciated.


  4. MARK

    I’ve read the,”fixmyhog”, how to navigate specific video’s,as a “premium member”, I suppose I’m not smartphone savy enough to fiqure the CORRECT way to ,#1,”click on Maintenance”.#2 Select my specific H.D.” Which is an,”02″, 1200 XLC, Sportster, with a CV,(Constant Velocity Carburetor), Have changed my oil,Primary fluid. Adjusted my clutch from the ,”Hat” behind the Derby cover, cable ,rubber boot covered adj. ,up to the newly installed clutch lever. ,”Primary Chain”, 3/8th’s-1/2 “, cold specs.Having a little idle issue’s, along with an ,”OCCASIONAL BACKFIRE”.So I’m looking for a Video on my bike to disassemble the CV Carb. Install as many part’s as necessary from a ,”CV Carb. Rebuild kit. Maybe even get these,(too loud 4 me stock straight pipe’s off, & go with some exhaust pipe’s that have muffler’s,& baffle’s. Bottom line is .CAN SOMEONE EXPLAINE TO ME IN PLAIN ENGLISH TO A DUMB OLE BABY BOOMER ,how do I go about getting myself to whatever particular video i need to watch. Like ,”Where is ,”THE TAB”, I’M SUPPOSED TO SELECT LOCATED,ETC ? ? ? Sure would like to have my baby up to par for the Spring ! Bike only has 20,000, miles on it, got my H.D. Service Manual. Just need alittle HELP, SOMEONE, PLEASE ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. Luis

    Ticket 18403 I have a 2014 Ultra Classic and lately my clutch is engaging almost all the way out. My understanding is that for 2014 forward there is no adjustment. Is there a video on these bikes on clutch troubleshooting?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Luis,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      The clutch fluid gets very dirty after thousands of lever pulls. We suggest flushing and bleeding the system, at least, every 10k miles or 2 years. Whichever comes 1st. That’s what we prefer to do.
      There is also a measurement that can be made at the clutch release plate.
      Attach a dial indicator to measure pushrod axial movement. Actuate the clutch lever to measure the axial movement of the pushrod and the clutch-release plate assembly. The
      minimum axial movement must be at least .078″ or .198mm. Measure with a dial indicator.


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