Adjusting the Idle 2006 Ultra Classic

Q: How do you adjust the idle on a 2006 ultra classic & is there a special wrench needed? I took off the air filter and back plate. I could see the throttle cable but it looked like it would take a special wrench to adjust……TT#??? Dan A: Dan, we would recommend that you do not tamper with that screw. That is a “tamper proof” screw for good reason. Chances are that your bike is not idling correctly for other reasons. Although you CAN alter your idle with that screw, you will only be compensating for another problem. Most common causes of a bad or inconsistent idle on your bike are: intake leak – bad throttle position sensor (TPS) – bad idle air control sensor (IAC). Consider having your bike scanned for trouble codes. It can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Let us know how you make out. Related Video: Idle Screw on Carbureted Models.
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8 Responses to “Adjusting the Idle 2006 Ultra Classic”
  1. Franklyn

    Blessings Folks. Lately my 2006 Ultra has developed a problem with idling down when coming to a stop. When I gear down coming to a stop the revs take a long time to get back to idle. This is bad for getting copression braking when coming to a stop. Usually after I have stopped they slowly come down. Any thoughts? The bike is injected. Thanks in advance. Franklyn . Only 24000 miles True duels. Chipped. K+N

  2. Chuck moran
    Chuck moran

    I have 01 ultra, when I turn throttle there’s tension like cable is working but no response till about half throttle. Idle real low also