Alarm Issues

QuestionI recently had to replace my battery in my 2002 Screaming Eagle Road King. Everything was fine after the R&R. I managed to get one ride in before having to store the bike for approximately 2 months. The siren started going off and fob will not disable it. In one instance I even disconnected the battery while the siren was going. It did not stop for about 30 seconds. I am not sure where the siren module is located to check the back up battery or if that is even the problem. I am hoping you can help.

Thank you

AnswerStart by replacing the battery in the key fob, and fully charge the m/c battery, you should be fine.
Wrench Safe, FMH

Question Hi,I have just received the DVDs but they do not show you how to disable the Harley alarm.
When I disconnect the battery negative cable the alarm goes off,really embarrassing.My bike is a 2003 Dyna wide glide.
Can you help,

AnswerSteve, You need to have your key F.O.B present when disconnecting the battery.

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23 Responses to “Alarm Issues”
  1. Daniel Sanger
    Daniel Sanger

    I did all this with mine. Even tried disarming per my manual. nothing works????

  2. Jimmy

    I have a 2001 road king and I want to install alarm system with a remote start need to know steps needed an wiring diagram can you help

  3. Malo

    02 roadking cvo was starting fine now kicks over don’t stay on..after 3 tries kills the start button please help…thank you

  4. RAMON

    Hello guys I have a similar problem, I have a 2002 cvo roadking with 105k on it. my problem is that when I turn the ignition all my lights will flash 6 times then the red key light will come on all the lights will go to normal operations, once the bike starts and is running for about a min the red key light on the speedometer will turn of, now if I turn the bike of and restarted the bike it wil do it all over again, all the bulbs are new they all work any idea WHAT IS CAUSING IT AND HOW I CAN FIX THE PROBLEM. I been told that’s is my alarm and or my lights since I have led, I will love to hear your take on this issue thx

  5. Ruben

    Trying to install the batery connection for my heated gear; but, when I disconnect the negative lead (with th Fob) or manual disarm the security the alarm goes off. My bike is 2017 Freewheeler.

  6. Paul Gooch
    Paul Gooch

    My 2007 ultra classic alarm keeps coming on when I turn on the ignition. I have to deactivate using pin to start the bike. I changed the fob battery and disconnected, reconnected the bike’s battery.

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  7. Hasan Latif
    Hasan Latif

    ‬ I have a 2009 ultra classic, one night on the way out when I turn the bike switch to start, the red key light continues to flash, indicating that the key fob wasn’t being recognized, I turned the switch on and off a few times and the light went off and I started the bike. Later that night I started the bike to come home and I had to do the same a couple of times and again it started. I got home parked it in the garage and the bike sat for a couple weeks, I spoke to a friend and he said it may be the fob battery, I changed the fob battery and went out to start the bike and this time the red key light stayed on when I turned the switch to start and the bike will not start, I took out the battery to charge it and when I tested it, I had 13+ volts and the battery was purchased in the Spring and kept on a tender. Has anyone had this problem? And can you help?