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Question for Fix My Hog I was having some Harley Davidson headlight problems and I changed the headlamp along w/ some other cosmetic bits. Here is what I need help with…The previous owner removed all the turn signals (yes a nice clean look) but I want to put back aftermarket signals (not led). He cut the wires real short and pushed them up the housings. I want to relocate the front signals on the forks. I guess I couldn’t use those wires anyway because they are internal in the bars. I don’t know where to splice into the signal wires under the tank or what color they are. I want to bring them up under to the forks. I finally found 49mm brackets to clamp on those new Dyna forks. I see that some people mount the brackets on the upper top of of the forks but wont they hit under hard braking? I think right under the tripletree next to the HL would be better? The rear signals seem easy but I cant figure out how to release the wires from those little plastic plugs and does it matter what color wire goes in which side of the plug?

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Fix My Hog Answers The wires for your signals are black, purple, and blue. Black = ground, Purple = signal, Blue = constant 12v. We typically mount the front signals on the forks, right above the lower tree. If you set the mounts higher, you will be in danger of hitting your tank with the signal housings.

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  1. Roch Legault
    Roch Legault

    I installed day maker led lights with pulsating brake lights. The connection is super sensitive and merely touching the front brake lever causes the lights to pulsate. This is problematic because I ride with two fingers on the front brake lever at all times. I took it to a repair shop and they said there was nothing that could be done.,I would appreciate any ideas/recommendations.

  2. Doyce

    2011 RG custom, it’s been down for over a year. Doing up grades. The bike fires up and runs , but when I turn the throttle it only climbing up a few 100 RPM’s . And its real slow about climbing up in rpm’s top rpm’s 1600- 1800 rpm.