Bad Cam Bearing?

Question Two year old Ultima 120 C.I. Evo style engine. Engine will not start; seems to be a timing problem. New Ultima electronic (programmed for curve 3) ignition installed. Have spark and fuel. Not even a “pop” with starting fluid. Question: Could there be something broken internally that would cause the timing to be off?? (gear driven cam) Background: At freeway speed engine started losing power and would not restart. After having to tow it back, found that the timing rotor had severed the violet & pink ignition leads. Replaced with new ignition. Made sure front cylinder was at T.D.C. and red LED light on ignition was on; set to slight advance as per instructions. I would think if by chance I had the T.D.C. timing mark up on the exhaust stroke I would NOT get a red LED light on the ignition (indicating a firing impulse) I am totally baffled. Also I replaced the “run/stop” switch. Would appreciate your input.

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Answer Would be concerned with that rotor cup. If it moved out of its correct position (maybe tipping), you may have to explore your cam compartment. You maybe looking at a bad cam bearing or a problem with the cam bushing in the cam cover.

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