Bad Vibrations ’03 FLTCHUI

When I had my 2003 FLTCHUI (40,000 mi.) at the dealer for fork seal replacement, they said the bike had a lot of abnormal vibration so they replaced the front lower motor mount under warranty. I hadn’t noticed any excessive vibration myself, but I figured I just must have gotten used to it. However, since they replaced the motor mount, there is significant vibration between 1000 and 1400 rpms. The bike vibrates like crazy when I downshift to engine brake when it hits that rpm range. I brought the bike back and the service manager told me to ride it for a while and the mount should “loosen up.” Well, since then I have put probably 2500 miles on the bike and it is still shaken. My question is, is there something they did wrong when they installed the new motor mount? Is there something I can do to correct the vibration? That’s what I get for taking the bike back to the dealer. Thanks Rob
Hi Rob, I would see if the dealer has the original mount and re-install it then see if the vibration is gone. If they don’t have the original I would demand that another H/D made mount be installed and see how it is. I have had H/D mounts that are new be bad and I have had many aftermarket mounts be bad when brand new(find out which they installed). I would also email H/D right away about this dealer, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. I have had customers do burnouts against a wall and come away with a nasty vibration due to the entire driveline shifting forward, this may not be the case but were also not sure who took your m/c for a test ride after the service . Please be more specific about this vibration when and where you feel it, location on the m/c . I have also seen way to many of these with about this mileage develop what they call flywheel shift or wedge which is a unbalanced internal condition usually caused by over revving. Please contact H/D and make sure that this dealer is made to repair your problem, especially since you did not complain or ask them to correct a vibration problem. Wrench Safe, Team FMH Follow up from Rob: When they told me they had replaced the motor mount I asked them for the part. They told me it must have been thrown out because they couldn’t locate it. I searched some other sites for a possible solution and read about the Velva Ride mount that was supposed to be better than H-D. I just received my order for one this week and plan to install it over the weekend. It sure doesn’t look any different then the OEM one, so we’ll see what happens. It’s been a couple of months since the dealer did the work, but I don’t think that will matter. However, if I install the after market mount I guess I will have blown my chances with H-D. But I have the part now and I’d rather solve the problem myself, since every time I have a dealer do something, it seems like something else becomes a problem. I’ll have to think this over. Thanks for the advice.
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  1. Kerry

    Could it be the vertical alignment is off, Seen somewhere that that will cause a bad vibration, I looked on Fix My Hog for the correct way to check it but it’s not on here.

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Kerry.

      If you are experiencing excessive vibration:

      Check or replace your front motor mount.
      Check top motor mount.
      Make sure there is no missing hardware.

      If the vibration happens while riding:

      Check your neck adjustment
      Inspect your tires/wheels
      Inspect your swing arm bushings

  2. DON

    can i change engine mounts on my 03 roadking, I have a vibration around 40 – 50 mph, i had a new front tire put on, and I`v e had it balanced twice

  3. Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell

    Can the rear swing arm bushings that the trans/rear engine hang on wear out and cause vibration (like a vibrator) that you can feel in the footpegs, footboards? Definitely engine “buzz” being transferred to the frame by something. Front mount is newer.

  4. Dennis

    my Dyna wide glide,2001,has avibe thats getting progressively worse. worse in lower gears,at mid rpms and downshifting. at freeway cruise speed the vibe is nearly undetectable. could this be a mount or does it sound like an internal engine proclem? thanks for your input.

  5. Mitchell Conner
    Mitchell Conner

    I extremely enjoy my 03 softtail but I am entirely done with HD dealers and the things they have done are too many to list including drop it from a lift , steal, you name it! Mother Harley needs to pull their heads from the dark spot!

  6. David Barrus
    David Barrus

    I have a vibration in my in my front end of my 2016 switchback when I grab the front brake it quits and sometimes when I’m riding it drives me nuts what do you think it could be

  7. Larry Brown
    Larry Brown

    I have had a dealer install front mount upside down and I have had a compensator nut come loose and when it gets loose enough the motor will shake violently at idle. I am also aware that the motor/transmission assembly rear pivot bushings need to be centered/relaxed before front mount is tight end down . If not the combination of rubber mounts can’t absorb the normal vibration this engine developed. I have experience all of these on my 03.

  8. jay Ross
    jay Ross

    I have a 2012 FLTRU road glide ultra that now has a sever vibration at 3000 rpm that is right at my favorite operating range the bike runs best at 3k this is a recient development it happened first when I had a power commander installed with the kuriaken crusher exaust and Cobra intake then Dynoed the vibration was the worst at 28-32k rpm note max operating range it turned out to be a bad module ( the power commander) was replaced and i have been running for 60k miles with out a glitch, so now I have to check the commander and get it back on the dyno the vibration is getting worse now at 61k miles .. check your maping if the vibration is only in a given power range .!!! good luck I am back to the tuner to resolve my problem the Dyno makes all the diference.

  9. jrcm0310

    I do have a FATBOB 2015 FXDL and have very high vibs between 1800 and 2300 rev, where I normalyy ride most ofnthe time…already replaced the front mount for a Predator, but nothing hd checked front transmission, fork, you named and no improvements…vibes come through footpegs, and LHS handlebar mainly… they told me that alignment was also check….any idea where else to look for?..