Battery or Fuse

Question for Fix My Hog 2013 Sportster Seventy-Two recently I replaced the battery due to the previous one being dead and not holding a charge. However now after the new battery is installed when I hit the ignition nothing happens. The lights are on and there is no do dimming or any of the other signs of a dead battery still happening. Any suggestions on where to start next or the cause?

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Fix My Hog Answers We would suggest testing your fuses 1st. You can also check for diagnostic trouble codes.

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22 Responses to “Battery or Fuse”
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      Customer Service

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  1. Rob Black
    Rob Black

    If you have a fob check the battery as well , when battery is changed it checks for a signal and sometimes enough to kill the flat cell battery in the fob

  2. Don

    Double check that it is a good battery. Have it load tested. Many times they are new but bad!
    Then fuses and connections Check your ground wires for corrosion.or loose bolts.

  3. Loyd

    Is there an answer to this question? I like the questions but answers would be good too. The Fix would help us all

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Loyd, Since the person did not get back to us we are not sure if it was the fuse but that is where you start. If not, check for error codes to lead you to the next possible solution. Make sure to read issues here and watch the related videos from more info. Wrench Safe, Dennis

  4. Bob

    I have a 2000 FXDX with aftermarket handlebars. After riding for about 5 minutes, the electronics go out. Not just the ignition, but everything. I’ve been able to reset using the key switch, but a few minutes later it dies again, and I’ll nurse it like that back home. I thought I might have stretched the wiring harness, but find no evidence of that. Where else should I look?

  5. Mike

    If it’s fairly early 2000 or later with the key fob alarm system make sure the key fob battery works

  6. peter bentley
    peter bentley

    I had a similar problem on my Superglide. It turned out to be the positive lead at the starter, which had broken internally. Looked fine externally. Try running a new lead from the battery to the starter, or try with HT jump leads. from the battery to the starter terminal.

    • Steve Mesenbrink
      Steve Mesenbrink

      Mine was the button. Just went bad! You can jump around it and start it. I changed the relay first easier. But it was the button.

  7. Joseph Kleshick
    Joseph Kleshick

    The kill switch on the handlebar gets a lot of folks, be sure it’s on. Next would be fuses… The CR2032 battery in the keyfob is sometimes another issue. If the signals are flashing when you push the start button, this is likely the cause. It’s also possible that the kill switch or starter button is defective. As others have mentioned, the main connections on the battery and starter could also cause the problem. Always check the easy stuff first, it could save you a lot of money at the dealership. If you’re still under warranty, pick up the phone, let them worry about it.

    • sburger1970

      Yea i put my battery in after the winter and pretty sure I hooked it all up right just like I did the year prior, but like you said both my signals flash when I turned the switch on and pushed the start button. So what you are saying is I need to put new batteries in my FOBS

  8. thomas

    yes I’m having problem with starting my bike put a new battery on it turns over slow and termanals get very hot

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Thomas, can you please provide the year and model of your bike? Thank you, FMH Video Membership

  9. C Dennis
    C Dennis

    Can’t check codes spedo not wired up.ran the wiring checked fuses still the same thing

  10. masterblasterhawk

    where are the two red wires from the maxi fuse suppossed to go?

  11. Robert Oswalt
    Robert Oswalt

    I left the ignition on and drained the battery on my 06 fatboy…tried to charge it and it still wouldn’t start…jumped it off and it would run for a few seconds and die…replaced the battery and it did nothing…took the battery back and had them test the old one and its good… any help?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      You should never attempt jump starting a motorcycle.
      Hopefully you did not jump with a automobile.
      There’s a possibility that you blew the main fuse.

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  12. Tony

    2010 heritage classic will not crank over just clicks. Battery tested at 12volts and 10 volts under a load.