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Q:I have a 03 ultra classic and my battery cables keep coming lose. This happens about every 100 to 200 miles and bike shuts down. I have tried split lock washers and Loctite and neither solved the problem. Any suggestions besides JB weld.

A: Usually, using the hardware that came stock with the battery and a little blue Loctite is more than enough to keep your connections secure. Be sure that you are using the correct spacers between the cables and the battery, if needed, for an aftermarket battery. Usually a star washer can be used beneath the heads of the bolts. If you, at one time, over tightened your battery terminals; your battery lugs may be stripped. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you will need to replace this battery.

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  1. Rockets Redglare
    Rockets Redglare

    If you put no-ox or battery grease on the battery terminals, when they loosen, there will be no arcing, or open circuit. Gives one a chance to tighten the bolts, periodically