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Question for Fix My Hog How do I check the to see if the correct AMP amount is be sent to starter. 1. How does an owner check that? 2. Does the battery of a Harley with a 1450ci engine and one with a 1650ci engine with high compression require the same crank amp battery?

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Fix My Hog Answers Harley batteries last 4 years; 5 if your lucky.

If you are testing your charging system at the battery:
Test battery voltage with the bike off. This is also known as static.
Then test running. When running, you should have at least 1 VDC more output.
For instance, if your static voltage is 12.20 – Running (DC voltage at battery) should be, at least 13.20 with a healthy charging system. You can test triggered voltage to your starter by unplugging the trigger wire and testing voltage delivery with the start switch depressed. This reading will typically be 1 to 2 volts less than static voltage.
You should always purchase the correct HD battery for your specific make and model. If an engine is built with a lot of compression, it should have electronic compression releases. If you need more specific info for your bikes electrical system, you should consider buying the electrical manual for your make and model. It covers absolutely everything.

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  1. Robert

    My original Harley battery lasted 14 years! Always kept it on a battery tender. (Just an observation: in your response, “Harley batteries last 4 years; 5 if your lucky” “your” should be “you’re,” the contraction of “you are.”

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      Hello Robert,
      Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comment to the proper department. We value your opinion, and it will help with the development of our online streaming community. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.

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  2. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    You say a harley battery lasts around 4 years… I just got my third this week. 2011 fatboy purchased from the dealer in 2017 with 7 miles on it. Replaced the battery in April 2020, warped and cracked and just replaced June 2021 and they had no answer other than $130 please. I keep it on a tender all year round and have done this for 20 years. Any thoughts?