Best Air Intake for My Bike?

How do I select the best performance air intake for my bike?
  Our Friends over at Wimmer Custom Cycles  had this to Say: All of our intakes will offer superior performance over stock. The look and style of the intake is more of a preference issue. However some intake systems offer more performance than others. As a rule of thumb, velocity stacks will bring in more air, but are a little harder to tune to run the entire RPM range. Most filter style intakes offer a broader range of smooth running. We at Wimmer can recommend an intake based on what your main objective is. More FAQ from Wimmer on custom air intakes & oil coolers click here. Wrench Safe, FMH
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24 Responses to “Best Air Intake for My Bike?”
  1. Larry

    The response from you guys is fantastic here on Fix My Hog. I have a 2015 Heritage Softail with Vance @ Hines slip on’s and Harley’s stage 1 kit. I believe that Harleys stock air cleaner cover is very air restrictive so I ordered a cover that just mounts to the face of the filter (center screw). Right now It seem’s to run better without the original cover.What do you guys think about this matter. It bothers me that it pops on deceleration. I’ll replace the original filter with a K&N I guess. Will that help and any suggestions would be great. Oh, and should a better filter be recalibrated?
    Thanks for the help!

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Johnny! Unfortunately, we do not have any videos on early, stock, Bendix Carbs.

  2. L.B

    Do u cover vrod 1130’s mine presently stock w/K’N filter. Most require mods to the cover itself,
    but your membership includes video on the VSRC models?

  3. Bob

    G’Day ! . . . . I have a 2012 Heritage softy, 103ci, fuel injected, with a breather kit supplied when I bought it at H.H. It has a high flow Air filter, Vance & Hines Slip ons, & a jet kit, to suit, – I also have a “ThunderMax” Auto Tuner, to go on it, An “Oil Bud” Oil Cooler, – What sort of Air inlet would You advise me to use, & How Would a “HyperCharger” Air cleaner go, on this Set-Up, Also What Cams, would You recommend, to improve performance, Fuel Economy, & to lower idle speed, for a better sound ?

  4. Ronald

    I installed a bigsucker stage 1 intake on my 2013 flhtcutg tri glide,I would like to replace the filter with a washable one any idea what ones will fit?Thank you.

  5. Marko Krope
    Marko Krope

    I have a 2014 roadking with Screaming eagle exhaust. So what air filter would best serve my bike?

  6. Ken Helton
    Ken Helton

    06 ultra classic some engine work. Dyno shows 100 HP 98 lb torque to rear. Like the looks of 903degree breathers but not sure of how it would perform

  7. Darren

    Slip on V and H destroyer on my 107 Ci harley. What air intake is best at this point, will upgrade other parts in future. IE; cam, headers, ignition etc