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I am doing a bobber project on my 2005 883L. I am bobbing the fender and will no longer have the stock tail light assembly. What I want to do is use the rear turn signals for my RUN/STOP/TURN. I have watched the video on the Turn Module Kit and I see how it works. What can I do in my application? The signals only have 2-wires. I have electrical experience if you can provide a diagram of how to wire the RUN (BLUE) PURPLE/BROWN = LEFT AND RIGHT AND BLACK= GROUND. I do not see needing the 12vdc RED/ORG OR THE RED/YEL WIRES. NEXT- What dual filament bulb do I use? Do I need a different size fuse? Will the turn signals support what I want to do?

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If the signal housings you are trying to use only have 2 wires, there is a good chance that they will not support all 3 functions. Sounds like you have single filament signal housings. You should be using dual filament signal housings {and bulbs} with a Bad Lands module; specific for supporting all 3 functions:
Running lights, Brake light, Signals.

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  1. Big Al
    Big Al

    You need the triple play from Custom Dynamics. That turns single filament turn signals into brake and running lights. I converted my 01 road king to all led and used Custom Dynamic Products.

  2. Will H
    Will H

    I have a 84 shovelhead kick with an electric starter but someone cut out the wiring under the seat and took the efi box. Can I rewire the bike and run it without that box of I straight wire the ignition system to the coils

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