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Question for Fix My Hog 1.) How do you remove the brake pin with swing arm in the way? There is no way to get a socket on that pin. 2.) With the caliper on the rotor-How can the pistons be pushed back into the body?-you would need to force a piece of metal between the rotor and the brake pad-therefore possibly scoring/marking the rotor. The HD forums has a post that says to remove the bolt at the rear of the swing arm, and slide the caliper forward to remove the brake pad pin. Not sure if I want to follow a post from a forum thread in regards to brakes because I am not sure if the caliper would rotate forward with one bolt removed. Wouldn’t I be putting stress on the banjo bolt assembly? If you could send any insights my way as to perform this I would appreciate it greatly. Hate like hell taking it to a dealer-I’m far away (1 hour) and the expense would be, as usual, outrageous. Thanks again for taking the time.

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Fix My Hog Answers Years and Models are different, make sure to watch our videos for your year / model and refer to your service manual as well.
You can move the caliper forward by loosening/removing bolts #1&3. Before doing so, use the box end of a 1/4″ wrench to loosen the pad pin. Bend back the brake line retaining clip to free the brake line. As long as you do not let the caliper hang by the line, the “banjo assembly” will be fine. You can gently pry against the rotor with a non marring tool to compress the caliper pistons. This is specifically what the Harley Davidson manual tells us to do. However, if you have the caliper removed and in your hand; remove the pads and pry the pistons back with a flange pliers, or large retaining ring pliers.

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