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Question for Fix My Hog I was watching the video on rebuild calipers 4 piston. You used a pliers that had a reverse action to remove the pistons. What is it called and were could I get one?

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Fix My Hog Answers Search; right angle lock ring pliers. They are offered from a number of tool companies.

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  1. James

    I watched this video and then watched some of the related videos on brake pad replacement and not one of brake pad replacement videos did not you mention the need to or show how to re seat the caliper piston(s), is vital to do complete the job. All the calipers that you removed from the bike the pistons already fully seated seated, one video you left the caliper on the bike and just exchanged pads.
    I also watched the front master cylinder rebuild video, which was good, but it would be nice to mention how to remove the front master cylinder from the bike with out damaging the brake light switch. I know you have this video I’ve watched it.
    Which the replacement of is not cheap. This would be the first thing I would have done or have a two part video, at lease have it in the related videos listed for caliper rebuild video.

    Some times finding a related videos is very hard if I’m able to find it at all.

    I’ve been a member for quite a while and I’ve learned a lot, but at time very frustrated by not being able to find all the info to do the job.

    Thanks Jim

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  2. David ODonnell
    David ODonnell

    After installing new front brake pads (2012 Harley Softail Heritage ) no action on the front brake lever and cylinder cups will not work