Cam Problem ’99 FLHTCUI

I need help. I have a 1999 FLHTCUI that I bought new. A cam bearing problem was taken care of during the extended warranty period. It currently has 71200 miles on it. It has a dealer installed stage one kit and has had the top end pulled apart by the dealer a couple of times, during the extended warranty period, for base gasket leaks. The last time was about 20000 miles ago and at that time the dealer informed me that the cylinders needed boring so I went with 1550 pistons. No problems. The extended warranty expired a while ago. I started hearing noise from the cam area and decided to change out the inner and outer cam bearings, both cam chains, both tensioners, and it seamed like a good idea to change out the oil pump having it down that far. I cut the pushrods out to avoid rocker box and rocker arm removal. The bearing replacement was a piece of cake. No problems. Everything went back together as it should. I went back with all OEM parts except for the screaming eagle easy install pushrods and a Fueling oil pump. The problem I am having is I cannot get the pushrod tubes to stop leaking. I have used the original upper tubes and tried new upper tubes. I have checked the o-ring seating area for problems such as debris. I have changed out the upper and lower o rings four times. I have made sure the upper tubes were seated. I twisted the upper tubes slightly each time. I am at wits end with this. I can adjust pushrods with my eyes closed now. I do not recall if this problem was discussed in earlier issues. Whiskey helps with the frustration but not the problem. I want to thank you in advance for any instruction and/or advice you can send my way.

Between the compression of the 1550 and the fueling pump you are over pressurizing the entire engine. Most of the oil transfer and the air oil mist travel occur in the push rod tubes. Remove that drag racing style oil pump and install your stock unit, which is more than sufficient to keep the 1550 pistons nice and wet.   Wrench Safe, FMH
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