Carb or Spark?

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I just had the S&S super E carb on my 84 Sportster XLH 1000. I was just riding it and and she was running like a dream then all of a sudden and in the worst it could happen. My bike started sputtering and died on me. Now she won’t start. New plugs.customer has this to add: Well it seems once the bike cools down she starts right up. My guess is she dies once she gets hot and won’t start. Like it’s not getting any spark to the plugs.

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Often, a failing coil or ignition will work fine until the unit gets hot. You need to determine if you are losing spark. Verify that the issue is not fuel related. We also suggest that you test your charging system.

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  1. Tim Kennedy
    Tim Kennedy

    Check for short,move wires around to see if fire returns,this will get you home…if so trace wires to find short.. when carb was installed a wire may have been pinched. You being a person of advanced intelligence ,I am sure you are not out of gas given the extreme range of mileage sportsters have ….