Chrome Switch Covers

Question for Fix My Hog I purchased a chrome switch cover to replace the black ones on my street glide. Is there a video to show you how to put them on? So far I cant get the back on. The front is easy but because of the master cylinder for the clutch I cant get it on. Can you help?

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Fix My Hog Answers In the related videos below is a link for a video we have on replacing switch caps. It should be helpful for you. We also have a full video series on handlebar swap.

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  1. Robert

    I have a question. On my 2011 Fatboy Harley, well i replaced the battery recently because the old battery gave up well now the bike will start then it dies it will not start and stay running. I have replaced the fuel pressure regulator, the regulator housing, the filter and the fuel pump, still doing the same thing start then.dies.anyideas