Clutch Jam Nut Stuck

Question for Fix My Hog First I would like to say your videos are top notch they have help me in many of ways. I do have a problem, I want to replace the clutch cable on my 2008 Road King but I can not loosen the clutch jam nut behind the derby cover. It is so tight that the 7/32 is starting to round off. Do you have any Suggestions for me to solve the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fix My Hog Answers Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate it. Make sure you loosened the 11/16 jam nut 1st. If the adjuster is still frozen, remove the retaining ring/clip – take the adjuster plate out; put it in a vise heat it with a torch.

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3 Responses to “Clutch Jam Nut Stuck”
  1. Jonathan Clemens
    Jonathan Clemens

    I had the same issue with that Jam nut. Next time I’ll try an impact wrench to remove but ended up putting a pair of vice grips on a deep socket and hitting the vice grips to pop the nut loose. I then flipped the nut after making the adjustment because the outside edges were becoming rounded after many failed attempts. Next service I’m buying a new nut.

  2. Ron Charlebois
    Ron Charlebois

    I have a 2002 Road King CVO and was coming home and heard a noise like something had let go and then seconds after that noise I hear a rubbing noise so I slowed down the costed home since I was only a few houses away, when arriving home on first gear the bike just lock up and stalled. I then pulled in the clutch and it still locked up. I then rolled it back a little and then pushed it forward and it un-locked. I then put her up on the lift and rolled the wheel and heard some crunching noise coming from the clutch area behind the clutch basket and then locked up and then unlocked. Now I took the primary off and inspected and didn’t see anything floating around. Should I take a look under the plate that’s on top beside the starter. I believe it’s on top of the transmission. What can cause this from happening. I just finished doing the top end on my motor and all went very well my first start up was good, I even took the bike out for three local rides just to test it out and it sounded and felt better then before. Please help out thanks