Clutch Safety Switch

Question Hey guys I have an 07 Ultra Classic. I put on chrome levers the other day and now the bike wont start while in gear. What have I done? Any suggestions?

Answer You have a clutch safety switch that engages with your clutch lever. It works exactly the same as the front brake switch and your front brake lever. If you are unaware of the switch or not careful, you run the risk of breaking it when you install your levers. Grab your clutch lever and give the switch a visual inspection. It should look exactly the same as the front brake switch behind your brake lever. The switch actually sticks out from inside your switch housing. If the switch appears to be damaged, you will need to replace it. If you installed after market levers, it may simply be a fitment problem. We recommend using only H.D. levers when running stock controls.

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7 Responses to “Clutch Safety Switch”
  1. Donald

    I want to relate a strange clutch switch experience that has repeated twice now, and everyone says I’m crazy but I know it happened. Here’s the deal, when it goes out, every once in a while my idle suddenly goes very high while riding…to over 2,000 rpm…then settles down, that’s the warning. The next day and for several days more, the bike stalls if the throttle is released! Every stop requires holding the throttle or the idle drops into the mid hundreds then stalls. Switching the bike off, then restarting can stop this, but it returns and is very very dangerous not to mention irritating. Then it stops, for a while, and repeats, always repeats until first the dealer then this last time I replaced the clutch switch and viola! No more stalling, idle is perfect. This has happened exactly the same the last two times the switch went out and is an ominous danger HD refuses to acknowledge and all mechanics say I’m just imagining it. Nope, it’s real, if your switch goes out, replace it pronto, it’s a very inexpensive part and requires just a touch of soldering to do, piece of cake for some peace of mind. My 2 cents worth, thought others should know the danger that should not exist, but does.

    • Tim

      Donald you are not crazy, I had the same problem on my 2008 softail, exactly how you explain it, I was frustrated that Harley thought I was nuts and they could not figure it out what I finally gave up and sold the bike! I am glad I am not Crazy lol

    • Mario Gutierrez
      Mario Gutierrez

      Same thing happened to me on my 2017 ultra limited. When I would come up to a stop with clutch lever ingagged rpm would go up and down to the point that sometimes it would Died and sometimes it wouldn’t start in gear replace the neutral switch and so far all is good. Hope this helps someone with same problem

  2. Rif

    I’m getting pretty fed up with Harley not acknowledging problems unless NHTSA forces them! They better get their shit together or lose their massive following.