Damaged Throttle Cable

Question for Fix My Hog 2004 Road King Custom Hog. My carburetor hangs open to about 3000 RPM’s because a cable that has a slider on it (on the very front side) apparently causes the outer jacket jumps out of the c-clamp slot it goes into at about a 45 degree angle and make the inner cable pull the throttle open. Any ideas for a cure other than the ole Harley dealer who knows not the truth?

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3 Responses to “Damaged Throttle Cable”
  1. Don

    If I am reading this right, it sounds like your cable is not adjusted correctly and allows the outer to slip out of the slotted bracket on the carb. Or, your outer cable is too short to be adjusted correctly. It should sit in the slotted bracket under pressure and not able to slip back and out. Do you have 1/16″ only of play at the throttle?

  2. Alan Lavine
    Alan Lavine

    I have a 2004 electric glide with a faring and I can’t find information on replacing throttle cables how do I find it