Daniel Kohrt’s Harley Story

I have ridden motorcycles since 1971. Back then I rode a Yamaha 250 dirt bike. I had several dirt bikes since that 1st one. There was a group of buddies back then in high school that had bikes and we all rode together. One friend had a Harley, a full dresser 1969 that we all felt was the neatest thing around. The rest of us had Yamahas and Hondas but we all thought how lucky our friend was to own that Harley. We rode all over Iowa and Wisconsin during high school and for several years after. As always after high school, we drifted apart got married and started families.

I kept my dirt bike and one Saturday morning on my way home from an errand a van pulled out in front of me, everyone knows what happened next. A week off work, the bike was totaled and I thought my bike riding days are over. A few weeks later a friend told me about a bike just like mine was for sale that had no motor so I checked it out and ended up buying it for $50.00. I rebuilt my bike and after a test ride, I found myself almost coming to complete stop at every intersection. I rode it a couple of times after that and it was the same thing. I decided this was no good or fun anymore so I sold the bike which was really tough to do.

Nineteen years later my wife told me she saw a motorcycle for sale a few blocks from our house. a 2002 Roadking. I went and looked at it and thought no way. I couldn’t get that bike off my mind and ended up buying it. Several bikes later, all Harley touring bikes and after many road trips, I couldn’t believe how being on a bike made me feel. Along came arthritis and I thought again a motorcycle is going to be out of the picture. After several doctors, I found a good one and he got me on a drug plan that had me feeling really good so I got back on 2wheels. One thing I learned is when I’m on the bike all my pain and troubles seem to disappear. I hope I can ride for many years to come. I still am very cautious on the bike so I guess my accident helped me in a way, although I don’t want to go through that again and don’t want anyone else to either.

Daniel Kohrt

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