Darn Crankshaft Sensor

QuestionI read an article on the tech site about running a hot wire to the white wire on your coil plug. I have got 12 volts at that point, if it still does not make the coil fire then does it mean I have a bad coil? If so, is there a remote possibility that the JP catalog is selling after market so called “Crane Cam” brand coils? Are two in a row just bad or is this jumper wire really not determining the condition of my coil? And do the other two small wires on either side of the white wire have any thing to do with my 99 FXD not firing at all?

Don A. ’99 FXD

AnswerSometimes our readers find an answer before we can get back to them.

Thanks Don for the info: I just got back two months ago from CA. It was a good trip back to TX , other than my rear wheel bearing went out. I had been on your Q & A forum and missed the prob my bike had. I’ve been down for two months darn near the whole time I have been back from CA but not to overlook the small part that made me pull my hair out. I replaced my coil and I tested every wire on my bike trying to save some money. Recently I met this mechanic and told him my problem, he tossed me a used Crankshaft sensor, after spending $130.00 on a new coil that my bike did not need, that little sensor was the problem, just passing this on in the case it may help. -Happy Riding, From the desk of Don A.

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5 Responses to “Darn Crankshaft Sensor”
  1. Bill

    After installing a “Daymaker” head light and the two smaller running lights on each side of the headlight on my 2010 Ultra Classic it seems to me that my alternator meter is reading +14 volts most, but not all the time while riding. Maybe the meter read that all along and I never really noticed the high readout but just noticed that the bike was charging while running, I’m not sure. My question is should those very bright headlights be drawing juice like that? The battery is fairly new, 2 years old maybe 3 can’t remember that either. Or should I not worry about that high reading? Thanks in advance.

  2. Angela Metcalf
    Angela Metcalf

    I just replaced the coil on my 99 883 sporster xlh hugger my bike is piping and cracking and then shuts down could it be the other wires not the spark plug wires or something else like a sensor or timing.?

  3. C Dennis
    C Dennis

    Ticket 19491 Is the coil on a 2012 883 Sportster a single fire or dual fire coil and is it compatible with my 99 Sportster