Do I Have Bad Gas?

Question for Fix My Hog I have 8k km (5k miles) on my Dyna wide glide silver anniversary addition. I have not ridden it for 2 years as I have been through 2 shoulder replacements. It has been kept in my underground parking garage which is heated and air conditioned. The tank was full and I put fuel stabilizer in it before being parked. The battery is out of it and the bike covered. I now want to ride again now that I am physically able. The oil has never been changed. Do I drain the fuel? If I swish it around will it be ok? If I drain the tank will that also drain the reserve? I do not want to get any plugged jets in the carb! Do I need to worry about upper engine oil if I just roll it over to start?I need help before I do anything. The bike is like the day it left the show room. I do not want to damage anything.

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Fix My Hog Answers If the fuel smells really stale, it would be best to drain the tanks. There is no separate reserve section inside the tank(s). Drain out as much as you can. If it smells decent, you can try adding some octane booster and give it a shot. Definitely want to drop that oil and start fresh. Would not be overly concerned about oil getting to the top of that engine. It will get there. Just, don’t start racing the throttle as soon as it starts like on OCC! Consider draining your carburetor float bowl before attempting to start. There is a screw on the lower back of your stock carb. If you turn it counter clockwise, the fuel in your float bowl will drain down through the overflow tube.

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