Drive Belt and Pulley Replacement

Question for Fix My Hog I got an 2002 Dyna FXDX. I replaced my belt about 2 years ago, when I took it to the dealer to look it over before a big ride to Boston they said my front pulley is going bad and the teeth are getting sharp and that it’s slowly cutting away at my belt. I checked the belt, it does have some minor wear, but it’s on the outside flat part? Not sure if my alignment is out or what the deal is? But HD is telling me they’ll fix it for like 900 bucks is it just a plug and play deal or?

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Fix My Hog Answers You need to replace front & rear pulleys when replacing a drive belt. If yours were not replaced 2 years ago, they may be wearing your belt prematurely. Incorrect tracking or tension will also give you less life out of a drive belt. If you do not want to replace your belt & pulleys right now; we would suggest checking your belt tension & tracking and monitor it for now.

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  1. Ronald

    Ticket 20511 cant find video for replacing drive belt 2004 roadking. . how to remove swing arm is the issue

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  2. bruce

    looking for video on a drive belt replacement and swing-arm bearings/bushings on a 1996 Dyna.

  3. Dave Blue
    Dave Blue

    HD will squeeze all they can out of you. Just the way it is. The thing is you don’t replace belt and pulleys somewhere just past HellifIknow belt comes apart…what I would think sharp gear teeth. Can I dull them? Change the belt and off to HellIfIknow.