DVD Review: Fix My Hog Harley-Davidson maintenance DVD Touring Edition

If you don’t already carry a tool kit on your bike, this DVD set will almost certainly inspire you to do so.

This is a two DVD set available for $45.95 USD covering the servicing of both Twin Cam and Evolution Harley-Davidson Touring models. The DVD can be bought direct from Fix My Hog, Inc. in San Diego (www.fixmyhog.com). These instructional but enjoyable films aim to supplement your workshop manual by showing you, very thoroughly, what you have to do to service your own bike.

Two skilled mechanics, Bob the chatty one and silent Mark tackle each and every area of a full FL service in easy to find and follow chapters. The camera work is as clear as Bob’s confident and encouraging explanations so that even the most daunting tasks don’t just seem possible they become probable. Bob explains every tool you will require for each particular task, from adjusting the throttle to disassembling the front forks. Throughout he is at pains to point out exemplary working practice and then shows exactly how he and Mark go about the tasks-start to finish. Every part is cleaned, every fastener is hand fed until it is tight enough for the tools to torque it correctly into place and personal safety is paramount.

Even if you’ve never touched your Electra Glide or Road King before I believe these DVDs will make you confident enough, even eager enough to try, everything is explained; what to do and just as important, why.

Very simply, if you’ve never lifted a spanner before but after seeing Bob and Mark do it, are now confident to tackle changing the engine oil for the first time, the money saved by not taking the machine to a dealer could quite conceivably recover the cost of the DVD. However if you don’t want to start wrenching your own hog preferring to pay professionals to do it, the DVD will give you a much better idea of what work will be entailed for a certain job and how long it takes – possibly very useful information indeed.

At the very start of the first DVD Bob introduces a bewildering array of tools, bike lifts, workbenches and fluids, all of which will be used at some point during the two disks. My first thought was ‘I don’t have all that, and it’ll cost a fortune to get it all.’ But realistically, nobody is going to buy an Evolution clutch spring compressor for instance unless they really need to remove the clutch plates from an Evolution clutch basket. You’ll buy it when you need it and luckily Bob tells you what you are going to need for each task as each chapter begins.
For home mechanics of every level of competence I believe that the Fix My Hog DVD set is as equally as useful as a Harley-Davidson workshop manual…and, it has to be said, a lot easier to follow.
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    I am having a difficult time locating the “Harley-Davidson maintenance DVD Touring Edition” DVD set. I want to purchase this item. Please provided the link, thank you.

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