Harley Videos Online: Each video is a very well-done primer

Each of these videos is a very well-done primer on performing general maintenance and service for specific models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (Sportster, Touring, and Softail). Filmed in a repair shop with mechanics illustrating and describing their work, they offer highly detailed step-by-step views of maintenance procedures that can reasonably be done at home. Most are relatively simple tasks, like cable adjustment, that can and should be done throughout the course of normal riding, while other jobs are more complex and labor-intensive, typically involving special tools and equipment. The scope of maintenance tasks is wide-ranging, covering virtually everything outside of the engine. Throughout, the work demonstrated is exacting, and the explanations are very clear. The mechanics take care to point to and identify parts, describe their functions, and provide the rationale for operating, or not, in a particular fashion. The visuals are superb; frequent close-ups clearly capture detailed work or small components. Because the maintenance services shown are mostly generic, these videos may be reliably used for the three models named, spanning the mid-Eighties to the present, as long as shop manuals for specific years are referenced. Precise and detailed, these videos are recommended without reservation. [Also available are DVDs for Softail/Dyna Bolt-on (6½ hrs. $49.95) and Touring Bolt-on (6½ hrs. $49.95), both 2007.]
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