Earl S. Sadowsky’s Harley Story

Hi Dennis,

I’ve been riding since 2000. After going to a summer outing in Port Washington, WI and seeing a parking lot filled with motorcycles, I remarked to my wife, maybe I should get a bike – maybe a Honda or something like that. She promptly shot back, if you’re going to get a bike, it should be a Harley.

I bought my first bike, a 2000 Harley Davidson Sportster 883. My first few miles were up and down my street to gain confidence and build skill. I moved up to a 2004 Road King Classic in 2005. My cousin Gerry, rode with a group in the North Shore and invited me to join the Sunday morning rides. We’d meet at 9:00 and by 9:30 we’d be on the rode for an adventure. Frank would lead the group and take us around the many scenic and rustic roads of Wisconsin. North, South or West, Frank knew all the roads and out of the way restaurants. Small state highways, country trunk roads and not much time on the freeway. We’d stop for lunch, tell stories and then head back. We have all become friends and share the love of the open road and riding our Harleys. I really enjoy these Sunday morning rides and comradery.

Fix My Hog has been a great source of information and service tips. I was a mechanic in the National Guard and that training has helped me maintain my bike. The service videos have been a great resource and tutorial when it comes to clutch adjustments, fluid changes and all around maintenance tips for keeping my Road King in tip top condition. Thanks!

Earl S. Sadowsky

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  1. George

    How do I drain the gas tank of old gas on a 2006 Deluxe softail Fuel Injected

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