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Q: I sure hope you guys can help me. This problem is driving me friggin nuts. I had a stock TC96, 2009 EG. I installed a stage 2 air cleaner, full 2-2 Vance & Hines exhaust, Red Shift dual piston chain tensioners, an Axtell oil bypass valve, Red Shift 575 cams, Red Shift semi-hyd rods, and Fueling HP+ lifters. After all parts were installed the bike ran good, with no timing issues at idle. I had the exhaust in and out several times, trying to decide between exhausts, so the stock 18mm O2 sensors have been removed and replaced several times. Then I installed a Dobeck EJK fuel controller. The Dobeck caused the bike to run rich and I started having severe idle fluctuation problems. As well, I began to have P0132 and P0152 codes (front and rear O2 sensors rich) with no other codes. I removed the Dobeck to see what would happen to the idle. When I turn the ignition switch to “ON”, everything works normally and the fuel pump shuts off when fuel rail pressure is reached. When it starts the idle fluctuates between 900 and 1200 during warm up. After warm up and short ride, the idle holds steady at 950 and responds well to quick throttle movements. I am still getting the P0132 and P0152 codes with no other codes. I am also now experiencing miss firing at certain rpm ranges, and the engine “smells” hot (could just be the misfire smell thru the intake) after shut down. I think I am looking at a two-fold problem, but I am unsure. I know I need a better EFI controller, maybe a Thundermax… but what could be causing the cold idle problem? I did remove my MAP sensor, and cleaned it with MAP sensor cleaner. I checked the engine temp sensor (located at the back of the front cylinder) and its tight with a good connection. I looked on Google to see if maybe I could clean the O2 sensors, but I really don’t want to do that. I’m lost and pissed. Please help.

A: You have to be confident about your tuning 1st and we suggest FuelPak FP3 and a new pair of spark plugs.

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2 Responses to “EFI Controller”
  1. Bill

    Clean out the IAC valve. My 09 Softail would idle fast and slow, plus bog down like it was running rich at idle. No more issues after cleaning. New plugs good idea.

  2. D-Man

    I didn’t see anywhere that you put it on a dyno, find one and get them to set up your map it can be adjusted.