Electrical Cleaner in Switch Housing

Question Great page! Ever have problems with the start switch? My local dealer told me to spray electrical cleaner in switch housing or bring it in. Now it’s on my back porch and won’t start. It was acting like it wasn’t making a good contact when pressed. Now it does nothing. Help?

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Answer Make sure you are using a known, good, battery and that your charging system is fully functioning. If this is your original battery, it is overdue to be changed.
Also, be confident that your key FOB battery is good.
If handlebars have been changed, or any modifications were made, consider inspecting your wiring harness from the right side switches. Make sure no wires have been pinched as they exit your switch housings.

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8 Responses to “Electrical Cleaner in Switch Housing”
  1. Mike

    I was advised to always leave the switch on permanently and simply turn the key on and off to start / stop to avoid the “Run” switch not packing up…. common problem…. this post seems to support that thinking,,,

  2. phillip mcdonald
    phillip mcdonald

    Had the same problem back in 2000 when I bought my Deuce. Was going on a ride so I washed my bike and used chemical cleaner on it and all of a sudden my signal lights started doing all kinds of crazy things. Took my switch housing apart and found the chemical cleaner I used had melted the plastic around the electrical contacts in the switch housing and caused the problem. When I used the cleaner I was very careful not to overdo it. I cleaned off the chemicals very quick and never dreamed this cleaner would end up inside my switch housing. It did…..

  3. Michael

    I would think spraying liquid cleaner in there can short out connections making things worse…

  4. vic

    A friend had the same problem, pull in the clutch before starting the bike, if that works your clutch switch is bad. Take it to your Harley dealer and have them change it. The bike has to be in neutral also.

  5. Ray Blowers
    Ray Blowers

    Why is my right exhaust pipe black inside with soot but my left side pipe is clean

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Frank! What is the year and make of your bike? (ZD: 3291)