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Question for Fix My Hog I have a 1999 FLHTC I just had new cams and replaced the chains to a gear drive. I had the Harley dealer do it and when I test drove it the thing back fired a bunch of times but once real bad. The dude forgot to tighten the muffler clamp to the motor. Since then it has broken down every time I ride it. All the electrical goes out except the one light on the speedometer. Do you have any idea if it’s an electrical issue? They said they checked all the wires, fuse box and sensors. I am thinking computer, they keep getting a barometer reading and some theft attempt on it. They replaced the maps sensor, free labor and I had to pay for the part.

Thank you,

Dan D.

P.S. I like the DVD. I have taken my fairing off and replaced my speakers recently and will be servicing it soon.

Fix My Hog AnswersHi Dan,Very rarely do computer control modules just go bad. There is usually an underlying cause. Was the m/c reprogrammed with the cam change? Why were the cams changed? I would give this dealer a fair chance to fix the mess they created, and then I would contact h/d directly about the dealer and the problem, and bring it to another dealer. I would also be prepared to trace the changes back until the problem is repaired (may mean reinstalling stock cams, and another stock programmed control module) First rule of thumb is to always check the simple components first battery, connections, cables, fuses, and wiring harness. Use your service manual and the wiring diagram. Remove all fuses except the ones needed for the m/c to run. See what happens. Keep adding fuses until problem appears.Wrench Safe, FMH

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