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Question for Fix My Hog I would like to thank you for your website, you have a lot of great information. I have an engine miss at a constant load between 2100-2300 rpm, whether I am holding the throttle or using cruise control. I am planning on taking it to the HD dealer, but your website is so useful I wanted to check with you! My other question is, Is there a sensor that cuts a cylinder out at idle if the engine starts getting too hot?

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Fix My Hog Answers Need to consider what you have for an air cleaner assembly and weather or not you are using a tuner. If you are using a Power Commander, Vance & Hines FuelPak, or Cobra FI2000, we would suggest looking into making an adjustment. Also, consider checking for trouble codes.

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  1. elazar basman
    elazar basman

    I have too an engine miss at a constant load between 2100-2300 rpm, i ride 2018 fat boy 114