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My bike runs great but every so often the engine light goes on and I get a very strong gas smell. It also seems to run on one cylinder. After a few seconds the light goes off and every thing is fine. Lately, the light will not go off and will continue to run on one cylinder and have a strong gas smell until I shut the bike down and restart it. Then its fine again. I checked for code’s but they say it’s all clear except for what appears to read CaL 03 on my speedo. Have any info?

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Check condition of spark plugs, and spark plug wires. Check for an intake leak. If the engine light is staying on but you can’t pull up any codes, you may need to have the dealership scan your m/c.

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  1. Marco

    My bike runs great but the engine light went on after noticing the speedometer was not working at all. I have a Harley Davidson Iron 883 2014. What do you suggest?

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  2. Tracy

    The new m/c’s and all of the computerized and electronic components are the reasons I like my old carbureted 1997 Sportster.It is stupid simple to work on and you don’t have to take it to a dealership to have it hooked up to an expensive diagnostics computer to see what the problem is.Computerized this and electronic that is very expensive and causes more headaches than I care to deal with.

    • Eddie

      Tracy I agree with you. I’m kicking myself for selling my shovel head super-glide. My newer road-glide, ripped off. I will be shopping for simplicity.

  3. Lee Fortuna
    Lee Fortuna

    I just swapped out the Halogen bulbs on my 2016 Softail Slim S directionals & brake lights for Custom Dynamics Plug & Play Led lights. Now the signals on my tank dash blink faster than the actual lights themselves. Is this normal?

  4. gene bradford
    gene bradford

    I have an’06 Road King. I was out one Saturday with friends, when my bike started spitting and sputtering. stopped for a few minutes, started it back up, ran for a bit,then same thing. finally parked it, and had a friend come and tow me home. called a buddy, who is a Harley mechanic. he told me it probably was the fuel pressure regulator housing. he was in the area, came by to look at it. damned if it wasn’t just that. he picked the part up the next day, returned on monday and installed it. bike has had no problems since