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Question for Fix My Hog Thanks for all the great knowledge you share – this is a terrific program. Do you have videos that addresses purely Evolution bikes. I have a 1993 (yes, I have the service manual), but you folks do a school like no other and are still the best around (much better than forums).

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Fix My Hog Answers Hi and thank you for being a member. We do address the differences with Evos in the maintenance sections of Touring and Softail/Dyna and many upgrade videos have Evos in them. Many are listed with Evo titles on this index: http://www.fixmyhog.com/video-index/

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  1. rlwmchd7295

    Ticket 23241 Hi, i have a 1986 flhtc electra glide classic that i just purchased. It needs a starter drive. Do you have any videos on removal and installation?

  2. Jay Martin
    Jay Martin

    I loaned my manual to a friend n never got it back. Now I am doing head gaskets and need some tourqe specs

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hey Mike!

      Mark has some tips for you:

      The motorcycle backfiring or “coughing” through the intake can be caused by a number of things. You need to begin by trying to determine if the issue is electrical or fuel related.
      Try starting with simple things:
      Verify that the fuel is fresh.
      Change spark plugs
      Inspect condition of spark plug wires
      Perform a full charging system test.


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