Exhaust Swap Out

Question for Fix My Hog I want to put a Rhinehart exhaust on my wife’s Heritage. It’s a 2 into 2 exhaust. Does this require any other work besides a direct swap out?

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Fix My Hog Answers May want, or need to address carburetor jetting; especially if you have a high flow air cleaner assembly. If the Heritage is EFI you may need to re-map it.

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15 Responses to “Exhaust Swap Out”
  1. giovanni

    Q: I have a 2014 flstf (fat boy) I have screaming eagle high flow intake and vane & Hines slipons, I had it tuned and put on the dyno when I had those upgrades installed. My question is I am install u ng vane & Hines true duals (2 pipes) will I have to re map it after I install the new vane & Hines true duals ?

  2. gary

    My fuel pak(vance&hinesFP3) will not link to my bike and i changed exhaust and air intake. Although when I run the sensor details it shows everything the bike is doing. volts,rpm, etc,,,bike runs great but i am wondering if I need to bring it in to dealer to link the fuel pak to the bike after i put the upgrades on the bike. My exhaust is from cobra and intake is a stage one high flow after market.

  3. PETER

    I just purchased a new 2017 Heritage Classic and want to put Rinehart slip Ins on is there anything I need to change or do once I install them ? Will it affect fuel mileage ?

  4. scott

    Can someone help me? When I first start my heritage softail it blows black smoke, does anyone know my problem?? Its a 2000 carbureted..

  5. Rick

    I had 10″ mini apes and had 14″ bars put on my bike and since I got it back I can smell fuel, also it seems like it is not running quite right

  6. rich turner
    rich turner

    do i need to do any remapping if i put slipon mufflers on an 05 ultra classic

  7. Gene Shaw
    Gene Shaw

    hey there with heritage that you want to chg-out stock exhaust with Rhinehart system, what year , carb or EFI any extras ?. I have a 2005 EFI, 95 inch heritage with Rinehart long shot “churchhills”. I run a power commander V , mapped and dynoéd. Engine operates great, I did dump the spring-loaded cam chain slack adjusters at 20K miles, running mild cams, I have rode from the Alaska Hgy south to central California, east over 12,000 ft mtn passes in Colorado east across the plains to Kansas City, south thru the Ozarks in Missouri to Dallas Tx. and had no problems, only a power loss going over Independence pass @ 12,000 ft in Colorado, all to be expected, you should be able to doit all, if you need to before you buy , Talk with a few mechanics that have the experience in the type of modifications you would like to do before you buy anything. I have see and had people come to me with the wrong parts to do the job and they end up losing money. Safe riding to you and your Lady.

  8. SCOTT

    Can you tell me how to get to the inner pipe on a supertrapp mean mother long drag pipes. The top pipe is leaking I can fell the exhaust blowing out the slot in the back of exhaust. The inner piper connects to the cylinder and the outer chrome has a slot on the back that goes a quarter the way down the pipe and right where the slot stops I feel exhaust blowing out. I need to know how to get to the inner pipe to find the leak???