EZ Clutch Adjustment and Allen Sizes

Q: My name is Dmitriy and I am your subscriber for online videos. Would you please answer couple questions which I couldn’t find covered in your videos. Question 1. I have 2013 Street Glide with EZ Clutch part 37000121 installed. Would you please tell me if the clutch maintenance adjustment procedure different in EZ clutch setup or if I should do adjustment according to service manual and your videos? Question 2. Would you please list the LONG size allens, allens-balls, torxs with handle and sockets. etc. I should get. And how long (length of wrench with socket or handle) A: Dmitriy, clutch adjustment for a m/c with an EZ clutch assembly is the same as shown in our videos (and your H.D. manual). The most common allen sizes for servicing your H.D. are 5/32″ – 3/16″ – 7/32″ – 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″. The most common torx sizes are T-25 & T-27. You will find that it is most helpful to have, both, short and long of each. A set of T-handle allens may be more comfortable for some service procedures. The Torx bits I mentioned will be 1/4″ drive. You may find it easier to use these with a 4″ extension. They are also sold with a handle (like a screwdriver) which is nice to use if you are doing something with your switch housings or another “light” application. If you are looking for sockets, there are 2 sets that we use the most for basic service. (set # 1) 1/4″ drive — 6 point — semi deep — sizes 1/4″ through 9/16″ — (set #2) 3/8″ drive — 6 point — semi deep — sizes 1/4″ through 7/8″. Also do not forget a 5/8″ spark plug socket for your model. This is a very general list; it should get you through most service procedures. You will find your own preferences for tools as you go. Use what you are most comfortable with and what is affordable. Thanks for your question.
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