FMH LIVE: August 2017

Check out August’s FMH LIVE with Bob LaRosa. Bob chats with us about charging systems and answers some great questions from our Hoggers. He reviews the proper operation and thoroughly covers testing and troubleshooting. He also covers true stator and rotor style systems from 1970 to date. On top of that, he presents plenty of demo pieces including a rotor with loose magnets and multiple style regulator/rectifiers.

Here are some video links to check out as Bob reviews the charging system:

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance and Overview

How to Diagnose Your Motorcycle Charging System

Motorcycle Starter Problems & Testing Tips

Check out this page to review charging system removal and replacement.

Bob talks about starter Issues – Here’s a video.

Learn All About Motorcycle Electrical in this Project

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15 Responses to “FMH LIVE: August 2017”
  1. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    Welcome everyone – sorry we jumped the gun. I hit Live a little early. We are just getting into it.

  2. Gary

    Great info. Although I’ve suffered electrical problems on my ’04 Ultra. Your info and tips allowed me to troubleshoot and repair it myself. Thanks Bob!

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Thanks Gary! I’ll let him know. I’ll add some links to videos later.

  3. Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    2007 Ultra. Sometimes only reads 11 volts on the gauge but will come up to 14+ after a bit, sometimes. Checked the output from the stator, I have 19+ on all 3 phases. I think it might be a flacky VR going bad. Battery checks 100% and full. When running, I’ve thrown a meter at the battery and it reads 12V when it was 13+ before starting. Running, it drops to 12V but sometimes comes up to 14+V.

  4. Ian Wave
    Ian Wave

    Dear Bob,
    I appreciate your time and enjoyed watching this live event, now matter how much we know about the topic discussed I believe your videos updates our knowledge and understanding.
    I agree with you 100%, the charging system of a motorcycle is as crucial and important as mechanical components and every rider should in my opinion think about upgrading to a better system the first opportunity arises.
    Thank you again. Best regards.