FMH LIVE: July 2017

Welcome to Fix My Hog LIVE. We tried a few over the last few weeks and we are dialing in our equipment and technology to bring you live events every month. In July’s FMH Event, Bob LaRosa discusses the components on the Harley dashboard. Harley-Davidson has made several changes to the components on the dashboard over the years. The function of them is important to the proper operation of your motorcycle.

Bob LaRosa reviewed:
1:20 – Fuel Tank and Dashboard Function and From
2:40 – Issues with Swapping Components
3:25 – Types of Fuel Tanks
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16:09 Dashboard Review – Fitment over Years
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18:00 – Speedo Drives, Ratios and Sensors
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24:30 Dashboard Removal
38:00 Planning Upgrades
42:00 Q&A

Thank you for watching. See you next month for the Live Event. Until then, make sure to check out all the videos, articles, and tech Q&A here on Fix My Hog.

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One Response to “FMH LIVE: July 2017”
  1. Joe malowick
    Joe malowick

    I enjoyed Mr. Bob extremely very informative and the killer new mustache