Fix My Hog DVD How to perform basic maintenance tasks

San Diego – based Fix My Hog, Inc. has published an educational do-it-yourself motorcycle maintenance DVD that will help Harley-Davidson enthusiasts become proficient in routine upkeep. This DVD gives Twin Cam Softail riders the background information necessary to perform many of the basic maintenance functions recommended by Harley. Even if you have no interest in doing the work yourself, the content of this class is still useful.

Shot in a motorcycle repair shop with a professional mechanic handling the tools, this 70-minute DVD ( 39.95, plus shipping and handling) covers everything from performing a safety check to maintaining the charging system to replacing spark plugs and fluids. The format makes it easy to follow and each procedure is fully explained and demonstrated step by step in its own chapter.

The production is surprisingly professional with clear photography and crisp sound. I really enjoyed this DVD even though it’s a bit basic for my needs. I cannot think of a better production or a more comprehensive how-to-guide for beginners or even a refresher for the more experienced among us. Well done! AIM

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