Fix My Hog Inc., the makers of the popular do-it-yourself motorcycle maintenance DVD for Harley-Davidson Softail® enthusiasts, has introduced a new maintenance DVD for all brands of Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles. Designed to decrease the time and expense associated with owning a bike, the DVD gives riders the skills necessary to perform the basic functions recommended by Harley-Davidson to keep its motorcycles running in top condition. Priced at $45.95 plus S/H, the 2 Disc Set DVD will pay for itself with just one oil change.

Like the Softail edition, which has been called “outstanding,” “a bargain” and “well-presented and informative,” the Touring edition was shot in a motorcycle repair shop with professional mechanics who demonstrate each procedure step by step. The 3 1/2 – Hour DVD focuses on the Harley-Davidson Touring models. Topics covered include everything from performing a safety check to maintaining the charging system to replacing spark plugs, changing fluids, replacing tires and more. Also included are tips and tricks of the trade and detailed in-depth bench work based on years of experience.

Company founder Dennis Santopietro, an avid motorcyclist and Harley-Davidson owner, created the DVDs to fill a niche. “I thought it would be great to have a maintenance DVD that would make routine upkeep enjoyable and easy. Manuals can be daunting, but actually seeing something demonstrated makes you more confident that you can do it yourself.

Santopietro plans to continue to expand his DVD offerings to other models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. For more information on Fix My Hog Inc. or to order the DVD, visit, or call 619/269-9321.

And this is what our own Mary Anne had to offer:

Fix My Hog is right on target that every rider should be familiar with their bike and own a service manual for it. My husband and I ride FXRs ( a ’91 and an ’84 with turbochargers). We often put several hundred miles a day on for several days at a time. Preventive maintenance is a must when on a rod trip, especially with an older model bike.

 My husband is a mechanic and found several good tips in your instructional video. He also has a lot of money invested in tools. If your target audience is a new rider, or someone who has been away from bikes for awhile, we question whether they would have access to such a large variety of tools.

Better to have too much information than not enough, I guess. Your video is easily understood and straightforward, but intimidating for me, a novice. I think someone unfamiliar with bike repair and maintenance would be comfortable tackling some of the less complicated procedures. Nice to see a clean shop and clean tools. As a woman who rides I would fe
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  1. Terry Smoak
    Terry Smoak

    Have a 08 ultra my steering seems like it has a shimmy when coming to a stop. Front shocks wheel bearings look OK. When sitting still you can shake the steering feels loose.