Fix My Hog – Sportster Edition DVD – Be a wrench pro with no worries!

Let’s face it, every motorcycle in every garage is a toy. An expensive toy, but a toy nonetheless. Keeping our two-wheeled toys in good running order isn’t cheap, thus it behooves us to cut costs by doing as much mechanical upkeep as possible. And how might we do that? The Fix My Hog series DVDs ain’t a bad place to start. The New Sportster edition ($42.95) is a comprehensive guide to everything Sporty specifically tailored for the less experienced shop rat. Covering various routine maintenance checks from changing fluids to adjusting brakes, the three-hour-twin-disc set is hosted by a factory-trained professional and offers clear step-by-step instructions for performing each task. Better than the basic printed manual, the footage brings viewers into a virtual classroom where the lesions can be fast forwarded, slo-mo’ed and freeze-framed at your leisure.

Need to change a spark plug? No problem. How about tweaking a cable or two? No problem. Feel like swapping out a tire? No problem. See a trend? An added plus comes by way of the pre- and post-rubber mount coverage (from 1986 to present) so Sporty owners will have plenty to indulge in. The set also features a generous helping of bonus material, including rider safety tips and coverage of the Hollister Independence Rally. Considering that a couple of Harley logo shirts retail for roughly the same price as this DVD pack, it’s obvious how much value the Fix My Hog series offers.

Armed with some basic tools and the Sporty edition DVD set, Sportster owners are well on their way to saving big money on service. In only three hours viewing time, they’ll learn a heck of a lot about what they ride, and have a bit of fun in the process.
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