Fix My Hog – Sportster Edition

Fix My Hog is an American company that produces a range of DVDs covering service and maintenance aspects of most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The review disc Heavy Duty was asked to review is: Fix My Hog-Sportster edition.

In the opening scene we meet Bob and Mark our guides through the various procedures. Bob starts out explaining that the basic service procedures to be covered coincide with the factory service manual. Bob then runs us through a comprehensive set of tools that will make the various tasks outlined in the DVD run smoothly.

From there we move into the maintenance tasks starting with removing the seat and checking the battery. Each step is carefully detailed both in the video and in the accompanying voiceover. It’s hugely explanatory, to the point where even the greenest novice couldn’t make a mistake if he or she followed the procedures outlined.

Space doesn’t permit going into more detail of this great DVD but you’ll get some idea of how comprehensive it is by looking over the chapter titles:

Seat Removal & Battery Check / Fluid Service / Clutch & Primary Chain Adjustment / Spark Plugs / Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment /Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service/Front Fork Oil Service / Steering Head Bearings Lubrication and Fall Away Adjustment / Front Brake Caliper & Pad Service / Bleeding Brakes / Front Tyre Removal & Replacement / Rear Brake Caliper & Pads / Rear Tyre Removal & Replacement / Rear Wheel Alignment / Rear Shock Adjustment & Drive Belt Service / Belt Deflection / Safety Check.

But wait, there’s more. Along with the main DVD is a second bonus disc with a swag of maintenance tips, some rider safety tips and even a look at the Hollister Rally. The Fix My Hog series has the potential to save Harley owners thousands of bucks and have fun doing so.
Highly recommended.
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