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Question for Fix My Hog 2009 Harley Softail Heritage Classic. When I purchased my bike, it came with the “Panacea” flashing brake light module. This stopped working after a time and I purchased a new on through Kuryakyn. I installed the new module which worked fine until recently ( the brake light would not flash any longer). I contacted Kuryakyn’s tech support to trouble shoot the module. We concluded that the (a) brake light switch is stuck on, meaning the brake light is on continuously. All my other lights work fine. My Question/Request: Does FMH have a instructional video on trouble shooting the brake light switch(es) for the Softail, If not, would you be able to direct me where I would be searching for the front and rear brake light switches? Thank you.

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Fix My Hog Answers Here’s a quick way to test for a brake circuit stuck on/open. With your ignition switch on- remove & test (with a grounded test light) the two wires going to your rear brake switch. Only one wire should be constantly powered. If both wires are constantly powered, check your front brake switch. It may be misaligned or broken.

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  1. Matt Cross
    Matt Cross

    I purchased a bike that had that problem and the pin in the brake lever was too small and wouldn’t return far enough. Push it all the way forward to check and it releases the switch. Replaced pin, works fine.