Flashing Signals When Starting

Question for Fix My Hog My turn signals flash three times when I turn on ignition switch. Is this a trouble code? This just started.

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Fix My Hog Answers We searched, but could not find any info on three flashes. Usually 6 flashes are indicative of a stored code. We would suggest looking for a possible code anyways.

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16 Responses to “Flashing Signals When Starting”
  1. wally

    left blinker stays bright will not flash took out both bulbs and dash indicator on left is on will not go out tried new bulb same where is the blinker relay hang out it could be a start trying to avoid the dealer 2001 softail carburator old school

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Wally. It could be a bad turn signal module or a dead short.
      Use a test light or multimeter to pursue this issue. If the rear signal functions correctly but not the front, it is less likely to be the module.
      Test your left side switch and inspect the related wiring. Make sure that wires are not pinched at the handlebar beneath the clutch perch. The turn signal module on your year and model should be found behind your oil tank.

      • John

        Check wiring in rear finder my sons sportsters right rear wire was stripped by the tire and grounded to fender

  2. James

    I’ve owned my ’13 Fatboy for about 3 months, and twice so far I’ve burned out my taillight, having to drive home in the dark with none. Is this a common problem, and what can I do to fix it (besides buying a gross of bulbs)?

  3. Eric Ayala
    Eric Ayala

    What is the best way to find which wire is shorting out in the rear fender of my 2003 heritage classic? When ever the rear fender lights are connected the accessory fuse will blow.

  4. ramon

    I have similar problem I have a 2002 cvo road kingand my lights will flash six times then the red key light will stay on
    , after about 2 minutes the red light will turn off but occasionally will come back on for a minute or so. I have check the speedometer for any codes and all say clear, I’m a bit paranoid since the lights will flash the bike has 105k, any help or insight you can provide is greatly apreciated

  5. RAMON

    I have similar problem on 02 cvo roadking but mall my light including headlight and break light will flash six times as soon as I turn the ignition on, after they stop flashing the go to normal but the red key kigth stays on for about 2 minutes. then ill turned on and off while the rest of the bike seems to function normally. I have change all the lights , disconnected the battery, put a new battery on the key fob, and check the speddometer for any storage codes, they al say clear. I running out of ideas as to what this could be any input you have is greatly appreciated,, thx

  6. Joseph

    Ticket 19601 Hi,I have a 1998 Fatboy Harley Davidson and the right turn signal works just fine but when I turn the left turn signal on to turn left all 4 of my turn signals start flashing everytime.How would I fix the Problem? So I can use my left turn signal when making a left turn! Thank you very much for your help.

  7. Lon C Johnson
    Lon C Johnson

    I have a 200 road king, I just put a new battery in and now the left turn signal won’t go out when the key is on. Any help is greatly appreciated